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The tale of a perfect lawyer - Curating lawyers

Over the years, the number of clients who approached us after having issues with their lawyers are outrages.

Issues that these clients encountered include:

1. The lawyers were not well versed in the matter or area of law, as a result the clients were deprived of the chance to explore the best remedy even in the worst case scenario;

2. The lawyers had over promised the outcomes and results;

3. Being under quoted on the legal costs ending up cost overrun or over budget;

4. Being overcharged; and

5. Low quality of the service.

The above list is not exhaustive. It is not exaggerating to say that injustice was caused to these clients and there is no end to this vicious cycle.

The truth is not all lawyers are the same. Be it a layman or seasoned corporators, how could one know the pitfalls they could face when they appointed a lawyer?

It triggers us as a firm to take steps to ensure that the situation can be better managed and we have created a qualitative process to assist companies or even individuals to curate the lawyers that they have engaged or are going to engage. Recommendation will follow when necessary. The curation process has received encouraging feedbacks.

With this little step, the legal service users’ awareness on the need to avoid mismatch when engaging a legal representative or lawyer can be formed. Despite the exercise is insignificant, we hope that somehow, the quality of the legal service can be improved.

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