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Wong Mun Hoe is a Partner in Munhoe, Litigation & Dispute Resolution practice. He specialises in pre-dispute advice, strategic litigation planning and commercial law advisory.

Wong Mun Hoe
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Jason Lai is a Partner in Munhoe, Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice. He has extensive experience in the areas of civil, commercial and corporate litigation.

Jason Lai Joongkeat

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Keith Goh is a Partner in Munhoe with a focus in private mergers & acquisitions, sale & purchase of companies and businesses, inward and outward investments, joint ventures and general commercial contracts. He is also a registered trademark agent in Malaysia.

Keith Goh

Yean Peng is a Partner in Munhoe. Her practice areas include Real Estate, Banking & Finance as well as Corporate and Commercial Law.

Liaw Yen Peng

Long Chay Jo is a Partner in Munhoe, focusing on Litigation & Dispute Resolution practice.

Long Chay Jo