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Practice Areas

Litigation strategy advisory & civil fraud investigation


From pre-dispute advisory to every decision to be made in a legal process, a strategic blueprint is vital to maximise each client's commercial advantage whilst minimising their legal risk and exposure.


Strategic litigation is a dynamic and creative means of advocacy to provide practical yet effective corporate strategies for an organisation or solutions to legal issues for individuals dealing with contentious litigation. 

We also assist clients to investigate civil fraud.


A company with limited liability is commonly used as the legal vehicle to conduct and run businesses. Thus, understanding the mechanism of corporate law and how it operates is significantly essential to not only launching and running a business, but maintaining its success. We strive to offer you bespoke legal consultation and practical solutions in the interest of ensuring smooth and cost-efficient transactions, from start to finish.

Aside from general corporate advisory work, we provide a wide range of consultation from issues pertaining to capital reduction and scheme of arrangement, to issues relating to shareholders’ or directors’ duties, rights and liabilities.

Our goal is to provide dynamic legal advice that not only protects and preserves our clients interests, but which would serve as vital tools to assist our clients in improving the viability and success of their commercial endeavours.

Corporate and commercial law advisory
Crisis Management

A crisis could arise out of a misjudgment or error made by anyone in an organisation. How well a crisis is managed has profound effects on the organisation. Due to the wide application of social media, a crisis can go viral like wildfire. The organisation will have to pay a huge cost if the crisis is not dealt with efficiently.


One of the important elements in the process of managing crisis is to get the legal issues right. Using legal avenues is amongst the best way to analyse, understand, manage and even solve crises.


A crisis evolves and managing a crisis also means avoiding dispute and litigation. In the event that litigation becomes inevitable, a well-prepared pre-litigation strategy would lay down a crucial foundation moving into litigation.


We have worked with different agencies in handling and solving crises for clients.

Dispute resolution representation

We are always ready to act and represent you in:


  • Federal Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, Sessions Court and Magistrate Court

  • Industrial Court

  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions include Arbitration, Mediation and Adjudication

Employment law advisory

Employees are a company’s assets in ensuring that the commercial plan is properly executed and things are kept on course. Understanding the reciprocal rights and obligations which are created between employers and employees through the legal link of employment is crucial to avoid unexpected complications. Where clients face challenges in this regard, we provide answers to ensure that no surprises lie at the end of the road.

Real estate

Our services include providing a one stop solution for all real estate matters such as the conveyance or sale and purchase of property, property rentals and tenancies, property financing and loans, as well as any other issues pertaining to real estate transactions.
We also act as property developers' solicitors in their respective real estate developments.
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