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'Legally Disruptive' (Infographic) (2015/No. 0008)

What is 'Legally Disruptive'?

It is a mentality, the acumen to always have ‘apprehension to apply legal sense’ in controlling business and coordinating resources to achieve competitiveness.

Technology can disrupt the conventional market. An entrepreneur who is legally disruptive can achieve the same result.

To be legally disruptive could be one of the elements other than technology in innovation of business.

4 steps on how to be 'Legally Disruptive'

Step 1: to have legal apprehension in assessing and managing risk

To achieve Step 1:

- To engage a lawyer who has the experience in the area of law to advise on the relevant risk. - To always understand legal environment.

Step 2: to use legal tool to assist in making important decision and executing the decision

To achieve Step 2:

- To use relevant agreements and contracts to govern commercial relationship.

Step 3: to know when to seek legal recourse

To achieve Step 3:

- To seek legal opinion and pre-litigation advice on the right timing

- To engage lawyer to assist in negotiation, litigation and arbitration

Step 4: to instil the apprehension of legal sense among the executives, managers or even staff

To achieve Step 4:

- To educate the emplyees from all levels in the business the importance to have legal apprehension.

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